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 The Edited & Complete Quick List To: Star Trek Voyager Series.

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Season One

Episode 1 & 2. "Caretaker"
Everyone says hello and Voyager takes the long way home.

Episode 3. "Parallax"
Voyager finds a ship trapped in an event horizon.

Episode 4. "Time and Again"
Paris and Janeway are caught back in time.

Episode 5. "Phage"
Goons steal Neelix' lungs and Kes finds a new career.

Episode 6. "The Cloud"
Gee, what do you suppose is in this nebula? Coffee? Two people kissing? A plot?

Episode 7. "Eye of Needle"
Voyager may have found a wormhole home.

Episode 8. "Ex Post Facto"
Paris is blamed for the death of a sexy bird-woman's hubby.

Episode 9. "Emanations"
Kim breaks on through to the other side.

Episode 10. "Prime Factors"
Janeway on the other side of a non-interference directive.

Episode 11. "State of Flux"
There's a traitor aboard!

Episode 12. "Heroes and Demons"
Doc fights Grendle and kisses Freya.

Episode 13. "Cathexis"
Chakotay loses his mind -- literally -- while Tuvok acts odd.

Episode 14. "Jetrel"
Neelix meets his people's nemesis.

Episode 15. "Faces"
Torres is split into two people by a Vidiian scientist.

Episode 16. "Learning Curve"
Sgt. Tuvok heads up boot camp.

Season Two

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Episode 17. "The 37's"
Voyager finds a floating truck and some other relics.

Episode 18. "Initiations"
Chakotay bonds with a Kazon boy.

Episode 19. "Projections"
Doc's all alone on Voyager...or is he?

Episode 20. "Elogium"
Kes needs to have a kid now or never.

Episode 21. "Non Sequitur"
Kim finds himself back on Earth. In fact, he never left.

Episode 22. "Twisted"
Something ties Voyager in knots.

Episode 23. "Parturition"
Paris and Neelix find a baby...lizard?

Episode 24. "Persistence of Vision"
Hallucinations incapacitate the crew.

Episode 25. "Tattoo"
Chakotay learns the truth of the Rubber Tree People.

Episode 26. "Cold Fire"
The Caretaker's girlfriend cops 'tude.

Episode 27. "Maneuvers"
Seska makes trouble and has friends.

Episode 28. "Resistance"
An old freedom fighter thinks Janeway's his daughter.

Episode 29. "Prototype"
Torres plays God with an android.

Episode 30. "Alliances"
Janeway gets dirty with the Kazon.

Episode 31. "Threshold"
Paris breaks the Warp 10 Barrier with unexpected results.

Episode 32. "Meld"
Tuvok mindmelds with a killer.

Episode 33. "Dreadnought"
A Cardassian missile makes trouble.

Episode 34. "Deathwish"
Battle of the Qs!

Episode 35. "Lifesigns"
A Vidiian doctor gets close to Doc.

Episode 36. "Investigations"
Paris leaves the ship with more Kazon trouble.

Episode 37. "Deadlock"
Two Voyagers at the price of one. Naturally, there are strings attached.

Episode 38. "Innocence"
Tuvok babysits some alien kids.

Episode 39. "The Thaw"
Can you say, "Evil Clown," boys and girls? Well, poor Harry Kim can!

Episode 40. "Tuvix"
Transporter melds Tuvok and Neelix.

Episode 41. "Resolutions"
Janeway and Chakotay get stuck on a planet.

Episode 42. "Basics Pt 1"
The Kazon keep attacking the secondary processors.

Season Three

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Episode 43. "Basics Pt 2"
The last of the Kazon -- yea! -- as Voyager is recovered.

Episode 44. "Flashback"
Tuvok wrestles a suppressed memory and we see Sulu!

Episode 45. "The Chute"
Kim and Paris go to jail and do not pass go.

Episode 46. "The Swarm"
Janeway decides to scoot across forbidden space.

Episode 47. "False Profits"
Two Ferengi exploit the natives.

Episode 48. "Remember"
Torres enjoys a series of strange dreams.

Episode 49. "Sacred Ground"
A shrine has sucked the life out of Kes.

Episode 50 & 51. "Future's End Parts I & II
Venice Beach. Time Travel. Hippy Bill Gates.

Episode 52. "Warlord"
Kes is possessed by a bad bad man.

Episode 53. "The Q and the Gray"
Q wants Janeway to mother his child.

Episode 54. "Macrocosm"
Janeway the bad virus slayer.

Episode 55. "Fair Trade"
Neelix will do anything for a map of the space ahead.

Episode 56. "Alter Ego"
Kim falls for a holocharacter and still can't score.

Episode 57. "Coda"
Janeway takes a lickin' and keeps on dying.

Episode 58. "Blood Fever"
Torres is in Pon farr and Paris looks so good!

Episode 59. "Unity"
A dead Borg cube and a bunch of colonists.

Episode 60. "Darkling"
Doc fools around with his programing, and shouldn't.

Episode 61. "Rise"
Neelix and Tuvok ride up an orbital tether.

Episode 62. "Favorite Son"
Kim is on a planet of beautiful women and still can't score.

Episode 63. "Before and After"
Kes lives her life backwards.

Episode 64. "Real Life"
Doc gets a holofamily; Paris checks out an interfold layer.

Episode 65. "Distant Origin"
Saurians study the Voyager crew.

Episode 66. "Displaced"
The crew disappears, and who are these irritating guests?

Episode 67. "Worst Case Scenario"
Everyone wants to play with the new holonovel.

Episode 68. "Scorpion Pt I"
Who gets to destroy the ship: the Borg or the 47s?

Season Four

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Episode 69. "Scorpion Pt II"
Still trying to see who destroys the ship.

Episode 70. "The Gift"
Goodbye Kes, hello Seven of Nine.

Episode 71. "Day Of Honor"
Torres faces her own type of Klingon challenge.

Episode 72. "Nemesis"
Chakotay crashes into a warzone.

Episode 73. "Revulsion"
Doc meets another hologram; Kim likes Seven.

Episode 74. "The Raven"
Seven gets some weird visions.

Episode 75. "Scientific Method"
The crew is mutating! Who's responsible?

Episode 76. "The Year of Hell Pt I"
The Krenim return and things get bad.

Episode 77. "The Year of Hell Pt 2"
The Krenim are still causing trouble.

Episode 78. "Random Thoughts"
Torres gets in trouble for thinking about violence.

Episode 79. "Concerning Flight"
Janeway and Leonardo must retrieve the ship's computer.

Episode 80. "Mortal Coil"
Neelix dies and it's not what he was expecting.

Episode 81. "Waking Moments"
Dreaming aliens attack the crew.

Episode 82. "Message in a Bottle"
The Doctor gets to the Alpha Quadrant.

Episode 83. "Hunters"
The Hirogen make trouble with Tuvok and Seven.

Episode 84. "Prey"
The Hirogen make trouble with a 47 and Seven.

Episode 85. "Retrospect"
Seven accuses an alien of attacking her.

Episode 86 & 87. "The Killing Game"
The Hirogen make trouble in the holodeck with Nazis.

Episode 88. "Vis a Vis"
An alien comes aboard who wants Tom's body and doesn't get in line.

Episode 89. "The Omega Directive"
Janeway must destroy a dangerous experiment.

Episode 90. "Unforgettable"
Virginia Madsen says Chakotay loves her.

Episode 91. "Living Witness"
The Doctor tries to set history straight.

Episode 92. "Demon"
Paris and Kim are acting mighty strange after losing consciousness on a planet.

Episode 93. "One"
Seven and the Doctor are the only ones who stay awake as the ship goes through a nebula.

Season Five

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Episode 94. "Hope and Fear"
An alien lures the crew to a spiffy new Federation ship.

Episode 95. "Night"
Voyager goes through a seeming void in space.

Episode 96. "Drone"
Seven's "son" joins the crew.

Episode 97. "Extreme Risk"
Torres needs to snap out of her funk.

Episode 98. "In the Flesh"
Voyager finds Starfleet Academy...sort of.

Episode 99. "Once Upon a Time"
Naomi's holostory becomes a distraction during possible disaster.

Episode 100. "Timeless"
Kim and Chakotay return to Voyager's fifteen-year-old grave.

Episode 101. "Infinite Regress"
Seven suffers from the voices in her head.

Episode 103. "Nothing Human"
Torres is attacked by a parasite. (Remember when she had nothing but ennui to worry about?)

Episode 104. "Thirty Days"
Paris does time for violating the PD.

Episode 105. "Counterpoint"
Voyager smuggles telepaths through hostile space.

Episode 106. "Latent Image"
Who is this strange woman the Doctor almost remembers?

Episode 107. "Bride of Chaotica!"
Aliens invade Captain Proton's domain.

Episode 108. "Gravity"
Tuvok and Paris are stuck on a planet with Tank Girl.

Episode 109. "Bliss"
Voyager's crew gets letters from home.

Episode 110. "Dark Frontier"
The Borg Queen takes on Seven and Janeway.

Episode 111. "The Disease"
Kim loves not wisely, but too well.

Episode 112. "Course: Oblivion"
Things are going well, but is the crew melting?

Episode 113. "The Fight"
A boxing Chakotay might be going insane.

Episode 114. "Think Tank"
A group of great minds offers to help Voyager through Crisis #18465.

Episode 115. "Juggernaut"
A killer ghost ship must be destroyed safely.

Episode 116. "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Seven has her first date.

Episode 117. "11:59"
Janeway's ancestor has her own story.

Episode 118. "Relativity"
Captain Braxton and Seven must save Voyager.

Episode 119. "Warhead"
A smart bomb wants to complete its mission in life.

Episode 120. "Equinox"
A Federation ship in the Delta Quad isn't doing as well as Voyager.

Season Six

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Episode 121. "Equinox II"
The Equinox meets her fate.

Episode 122. "Survival Instinct"
Some old ex-Borg come looking for Seven. Can she help them become individuals?

Episode 123. "Barge of the Dead"
Torres dies and suffers the trip to gre-thor on the barge for the dishonored dead, but still can't escape her mother.

Episode 124. "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy"
The Doctor decides to daydream. It's a bad idea.

Episode 125. "Alice"
Paris gets a little crazy about a new ship in his life.

Episode 126. "Riddles"
An attack leaves a child-like Tuvok enjoying his new best friend, Neelix.

Episode 127. "Dragon's Teeth"
Seven brings some cyber-sleeping aliens into the present, and they're still fighting that same old war.

Episode 128. "One Small Step"
Chakotay gets a little too excited when Voyager finds an old Earth ship meant for Mars exploration, but Seven learns about the value of exploration.

Episode 129. "The Voyager Conspiracy"
When Seven alters her alcove to download data in her sleep, she starts seeing conspiracies everywhere.

Episode 130. "Pathfinder"
Reginald Barclay explains to Deanna Troi that he's become obsessed with reaching Voyager. But are his ideas crazy or inspired?

Episode 131. "Fair Haven"

Janeway finds true love in Paris' holoprogram...or at least true false love.

Episode 132. "Blink of an Eye"
Voyager gets caught in the gravitation force of a planet where time passes much more quickly and the "Starship" influences the evolution of their culture.

Episode 133. "Virtuoso"
An alien race become fanatics of the Doctor's singing.

Episode 134. "Memorial"
Paris, Chakotay, Neelix and Kim remember committing war crimes. Could they have been so cruel?

Episode 135. "Tsunkatse"
A popular sport relies on captive participants, and Seven's stuck into the ring.

Episode 136. "Collective"
A damaged Borg cube is manned by only five Borg, and they're all children.

Episode 136. "Spirit Folk"
Leaving Fair Haven on all the time makes the holocharacters realize something's not right.

Episode 137. "Ashes to Ashes"
A Voyager crewmate who died comes back home to the ship.

Episode 138. "Child's Play"
It's time to take one of the Borg children back home to his family.

Episode 139. "Good Shepherd"
Can Janeway get three wayward crewmen back into the Voyager fold?

Episode 140. "Live Fast and Prosper"
A gang of con artists use Voyager's good name to swindle the locals.

Episode 141. "Muse"
B'Elanna's story inspires a poet to write plays about the Eternals.

Episode 142. "Fury"
Kes is back, and she's mad!

Episode 143. "Lifeline"
The Doctor makes a housecall on Zimmerman.

Episode 144. "The Haunting of Deck 12"
Neelix tells the Borg children a ghost story about an alien from a nebula.

Episode 145. "Unimatrix Zero Part 1"
Seven discovers she was once part of a dream gathering that has become the Borg Queen's target.

Season Seven

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Episode 146. "Unimatrix Zero Part II"
Janeway's plan to hurt the Borg takes a few twists.

Episode 147. "Imperfection"
Seven's implants malfunction, and the crew, at least, is determined to save her.

Episode 148. "Drive"
Paris and Torres' relationship hits a crisis during an interstellar shuttle race.

Episode 149. "Repression"
Tuvok investigates a series of attacks on the Maquis crew.

Episode 150. "Critical Care"
The Doctor is sold into slavery in a world with over-managed care.

Episode 151. "Inside Man"
The Reg Hologram has a plan to get Voyager home.

Episode 152. "Body and Soul"
The Doctor, Seven, and Kim deal with a race at war with "photonics," and Tuvok gets Pon farr at last.

Episode 153. "Nightingale"
Harry Kim gets his first command of an away mission.

Episode 154. "Flesh and Blood"
The Hirogen return with their holographic prey.

Episode 155. "Shattered"
Chakotay travels through a ship fractured by time.

Episode 156. "Lineage"
Paris and Torres get pregnant.

Episode 157. "Repentance"
Seven gets caught up in a criminal's rehabilitation.

Episode 158. "Prophecy"
Is Torres' baby the Klingon messiah?

Episode 159. "The Void"
Ships are caught in a spatial anomaly.

Episode 160. "Workforce, Part I"
Janeway and her crew are happy in their work on an alien planet.

Episode 161. "Workforce, Part II"
Janeway and her crew aren't actually happy.

Episode 162. "Human Error"
Seven explores her humanity on the holodeck.

Episode 163. "Q2"
Q shows up with his troublesome son in tow.

Episode 164. "Author, Author"
The Doctor's book causes unseen complications.

Episode 165. "Friendship One"
A space probe sent out by Earth long ago causes unseen complications.

Episode 166. "Natural Law"
Seven and Chakotay must rely on the hospitality of a friendly but primitive race.

Episode 167. "Homestead"
Neelix finds a colony of Talaxians, and they're in trouble!

Episode 168. "Renaissance Man"
Janeway's acting strange, but it's the Doctor who's really going all out to save her!

Episode 169. "Endgame"
Janeway comes back from the future to show Voyager the way home.

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